South Philly Barbacoa: Different types of coffee drinks explained

Have you ever been to a coffee shop, look at the menu and feel overwhelmed by the many options presented? Below is a compiled list of the different coffee drinks that can be found in coffee shops so you’d be more informed on your next purchase.


An espresso, also known as a short black, is a single shot of coffee. This is made by forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee beans thus resulting in an intense and flavoursome drink. Typically, it’s made using an espresso machine.


Doppio means ‘double’ in Italian. This drink is a double shot of espresso without adding any hot water or milk to it. 


Ristretto means ‘restricted’ in Italian. This drink is restricted in the sense that it’s made like an espresso but only with half the amount of water resulting in a concentrated shot. You can enjoy it straight or you can combine it with milk. 

Long black

A long black drink is made by pouring a double shot of espresso over a glass of hot water. This retains the crema of the coffee and makes it less voluminous which makes the flavour stronger. 

Short macchiato

A short macchiato is made with a single espresso shot that’s served in a small glass. The glass is then filled with creamy steamed milk and is finished with a small layer of foam atop. 

Long macchiato

This is not so different from a short macchiato but instead of a single shot, it’s made with double shot espresso.

Mezzo mezzo

Mezzo mezzo is also known as piccolo. It is a single espresso shot served in a small latte glass which is then filled with steamed milk. 


A cappuccino drink is made with one part espresso shot, one part textured milk and one part froth on top. A dusting of chocolate is added to the drink before being served. 


A latte is a coffee espresso shot with steamed milk. A layer of foamed milk crema is then added to finish it off. 

Flat white

This coffee drink is similar to a latte but is made instead with untextured milk. This results in espresso and steamed milk with little to no froth. 


This is also similar to a latte but with a chocolate twist. The drink is prepared by adding chocolate to the espresso shot before adding the textured milk. Some baristas add chocolate to the cold milk before frothing. 


Affogato is more or less a dessert. It’s made by combining a double shot espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Batch brew

Coffee made in an automated pour-over machine is called a batch brew. Machines like this can be bought here at South Philly Barbacoa.

Cold brew

This is made by submerging premium coffee beans in cold water for an extended period resulting in a refreshing brew. The caffeine content of this drink is similar to a double-shot espresso. 

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