South Philly Barbacoa: Social media hyped kitchen gadgets

Just like a treasure chest, the internet can show you a large collection of amazing new finds that are either cool, extremely useful or both in your everyday life. What makes it even better is that you will find kitchen products that you didn’t even know existed before! 

To help you distinguish which products are best for you, we created a list of the social media-hyped kitchen products that you can use to make your everyday cooking easier and more enjoyable. Check out the list and get ready to add these fun items to your cart:

Automatic grind salt and pepper shakers

Tired of grinding your pepper and salt? This automatic grinder can do the job all in one command. This handy tool courses your salt and pepper all in a single command while you sit back, relax and wait for it to flavour your food. 

The moment you flip the automatic grind salt and pepper shaker, it will dispense just the right amount of condiments to your food. Additionally, due to the blue light at the bottom of the shaker, you can see the exact amount of seasoning you are adding to your food. 

Food prep deck 

Let’s be honest, we all want an organized kitchen and this food prep deck does exactly that and more. This product has 5 compartments where you can store your common ingredients like onions, garlic, salt, peppers and more. It makes it easier to reach into what you need for your food prep. 

Even better is that it has a chopping board attachment and a knife and kitchen tool compartment. 

Dispenser set 

When is it too much or too little in the kitchen? If you have a problem measuring your liquids when cooking, then this dispenser set is perfect for you. 

This dispenser bottle is connected to a small measuring cup attached to its lid. The moment you click the button on the dispenser, the liquid condiment can fill the measuring cup according to the amount that you need, and then you can start pouring it into the meal that you are preparing. 

Silicone cooking ring

Want to cook perfectly shaped eggs? This silicone cooking ring can help you. All you have to do is to place it on your pan and pour the egg inside the ring. Wait for the egg to cook then lift the ring with its handle. 

Milk frother 

Ever dreamt of having the cafe’s perfect cup of coffee right in the comfort of your home? This milk frother can fulfil all your espresso dreams with just a whip. You can use this handy tool to make the milk frothy so you can add it on top of your favourite cup of coffee and create your home brew masterpiece! 

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